Words of Welcome

2012_IHL_HaraldJung_10-1A very warm welcome to IHL!

“Studying with a worldwide horizon,” is the motto of Internationale Hochschule Liebenzell (IHL), university of applied sciences. Here, you will find many opportunities for broadening your own horizon. It may be through an international faculty exchange program, working on building new university partnerships, or visiting one of our international conferences.

IHL also has several university partnerships in Canada and Lithuania which you can read about by clicking on here. There is a lively faculty and student cooperation between our partner institutions and us.

Often, faculty from university partners work together with our research center for intercultural studies and religion. This center plans international research projects and conferences in the fields of Evangelical Theology, social works, education, and counseling.

We would love to work together with you in these areas!

Warm regards,
Prof. Dr. Harald Jung,
Dean for University Partnerships and Research Cooperation

2014-10_JonasPötz_IHL.HSL.LW_02-1Hello from the beautiful Northern Black Forest!

IHL is a university of applied sciences that has many globally minded students. Typically, more than 50 percent of our junior students go abroad for studying or for internships for at least one semester.

In addition, IHL, being a young university, is still in the process of building up programs that encourage students from abroad to come study at our accredited university of applied sciences. It is my personal goal that students from far and near find IHL to be a great partner of competence for education that is life-changing.

If you are ever interested in checking IHL out, or spending a semester with us, please contact us!

Lucas Wehner, MBA (California Baptist University),
Consultant of the Executive Committee (International Initiatives)